Learning guitar has never been an easy endeavor for most aspiring musicians


There is a lot to learn and if you don’t stay at it with your information intake than things might start to get boring. Learning your favorite songs is a great way to start when it comes to learning guitar. As you already know these songs, your brain has the groove, remembers the breaks, and its up to you to line your fingers up correctly on the strings to get the right sounds to come.

Not getting discouraged is a big component in learning anything new, as we all want to be the best right away! Learning guitar takes time and dedication, most musicians that we hear on the radio would sit in their rooms for hours and hours at a time, by themselves, playing their guitar. Making up their own songs, fooling around, playing all the strings in all the positions in all the combinations, their brains storing that information. With enough of that you will start to remember where the sounds you want are precisely located. You will come up with the song in your head and easily be able to call it up on the guitar. With enough practice with certain songs, especially songs you write yourself, you will be able to sing over the guitar. Your fingers will dance across the strings and you will hardly be aware that you are even playing the guitar, so used to it you are.

The way we learned guitar up until a few years ago was the same way that everyone learned their instruments. Picking up what you could from others, exploring on your own, and putting in the time. Nowadays, thanks to technological inventions, guitar playing got a little bit easier. With hundreds of programs, apps and accessories to teach you how to play guitar, guide you every step of the way, show you exactly how to play all the songs you love, its as if you can have a tutor with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The drawback to this is that you learn a lot by transcribing a song by ear and figuring it out on your own. If you always read guitar tabs you will be able to play the song, but you will not get the learning in that you would if you had to hunt around for the right chords and notes. Learning what is happening around the ones you are playing is critical in being able to freestyle as well as add subtle layering to your guitar playing.

With these new technologies here to help budding and advanced guitarists alike, there is a lot that we can all take advantage of to help boost our guitar playing. The sooner you move from the safety of the car seat to the drivers seat, the more effective your own song writing will be and the more fun and freedom you will start to have. That’s when things really start to pick up!

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