Basics of Animation

Despite flipbook animation software being widely used, simple animation techniques remain an important part of the process. Decades ago animation was very different and it is truly amazing just how much animation has changed throughout the years. Nothing was computer generated; everything was crafted by hand and it was a long and very tiresome process. Even before the introduction of television, animation was popular amongst children and adults alike and every artist has loved the idea of animation because it’s entertaining. Animation is unique in every sense and its origins are just fantastic. So, do you understand the basics behind the animated process?

Hand-Drawn Animation Remains Popular In Modern Times

First and foremost, it’s important to remember the basic origins of animation – hand drawings. Drawing graphics by hand for hours on end may seem boring, but the old-school method remains just as popular today as it was hundreds of years ago. If you want to learn the basics of animation you have to understand how crucial hand-drawn pictures are and they should never be dismissed. Artists draw rough sketches (by hand) before using computers. Even the first flipbooks were drawn by hand. Hundreds of pages of almost identical graphics were crafted by hand with only minor changes to each page animation. When brought together in a certain order they could be flipped through and the animation would move. In modern times, flip book software changes the need for endless hand-drawn graphics but it stills starts off with a hand drawing.


Every piece of animation, whether it’s being drawn by hand or computer generated via flipbook animation software, starts off with a main character and it is this in which the animation focuses on. However, while the main character is a crucial feature, the background scenery also needs to be created. Now background scenery isn’t given much consideration but it still needs in-depth detail in order to match the quality of the character animation. Yes, certain parts can be reused several times but it shouldn’t detract from the main feature; and this is where rendering comes in. Rendering gives animation life in a sense and it can make animation look authentic.

Using Computer Software to Craft Graphics

For over two decades, computer animated graphics have been widely used to create movies and television shows, and now animation software is fast becoming a basic feature of animation. Modern technology has changed the face and the basic requirements of animation because while a story and character is needed, it’s much easier to complete with the right tools. Computer generated animation can be created within a matter of days, if not hours and can look amazingly authentic. Some can’t tell the difference between hand-drawn graphics and those made by computer software. Creating flipbooks is much simpler and with flipbook animation software, animation can be added to a flipbook within seconds.

Adding Animation to Flipbooks Made Easy

Animated graphics are vastly being used throughout modern technology, even in flipbooks. It has become so much simpler to create beautiful flipbooks and incorporate animation into them. Flip book software is easy to use and can also allow any animated graphic to be added.

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