6 Greatest Flipbook Animation Masterpieces!

Flipbook animation is simple, yet fun and is always entertaining. Whether the reader is five, twenty five or even fifty, Kvisoft Flipbook Maker Pro can create your digital flipbooks adding all of your favorite animation. However, what are the best animations in flipbook history? Well everyone has their own ideas to what should be classed as the best flipbook animation and what is truly a masterpiece so here are a few you may like. They are more to the classic side of animation. However, they remain masterpieces as being amongst the first animations to be used in flipbooks.

Hula Dance

The hula dance is probably one of the greatest animation masterpieces in flipbook history! It takes a lot of patience, but the end result can look amazing! Flipbook animation software is a great tool to use if you want to transfer your personal flipbooks online. You could in fact make small cartoon animated flipbooks if you wanted to and the hula dance is always a classic option to give people.

Steam Engine

A favorite amongst many, the steam engine flipbook animation proved to be a huge hit. This masterpiece may be a little more completed but still, it’s a great option to consider using. If you wanted to add this to your digital library you could even use flipbook animation software to assist you. It wouldn’t be too difficult.

The Classic Running Scene

Drawing someone running is amazingly simple but looks like a great masterpiece. You can start off with a man or woman and then follow on with a pursuer. Captions can be added to give the story more depth and finished with the pursuer catching their man. Kvisoft flipbook maker Pro is an excellent choice to make your scene look more realistic.

Sprouting Flowers

Flipbook animation software is a perfect tool to use to transfer your animation ideas and put them out into the digital world. It’s incredibly simple to use and super versatile too! However, back to the ideas; the class sprouting flowers scene is amazing. You can take a flower from a small weed, right up to a budding and glowing tall beauty. Again, the process works the same as before, you start off with the flower a small little stem and work up to it becoming a flower in full bloom.


Again, you may not class this as a masterpiece but it’s one of the earliest flipbook animations to be created today! Sun rising over a classical vertical setting is one of the simplest animations to create and it really doesn’t require a lot of skill either. You can start off with a basic square-box setting with a sun rising over the horizon and as each picture changes, it rises more. Anyone can create this and you just need to draw a basic circle or semi-circle! Kvisoft flipbook maker pro can assist you when adding your hand-drawn or computer designed animations into a digital flipbook.

Rainfall Scenes

If you want to learn how to create a rainfall scene for your next animated flipbook, it’s all too easy. You start off with a single drop of rain water from the top of the page and for each upcoming page you draw the drop moving slowly downwards towards the ground. Each drop is altered slightly in terms of height and when it reaches the ground you can create a puddle splash. The process can be started over again. It’s a classic design and in fact all options here are; and while you may find them boring, they are actually simple masterpieces perfect for beginners worldwide. Flipbook animation software can be used if you wanted to use them in digital form.

What Is Your Masterpiece?

Basic flipbook animations were once hailed as great pieces of entertainment for many years, but, unfortunately, over the years they have slowed disappeared. However, if you love the idea of flipbook animation you can still create your own. You can even go digital and create fun flipbooks with flipbook animation software – it can be fun so what are you waiting for?

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