4 Benefits of an E-Reader

Growing up without access to the types of electronic devices available today meant that if you wanted to read a story or a news article then you needed to hear to your local library and pick out a physical book. Remember those? Unfortunately, this act led to nothing more than a disinterest in books and, in turn, a disinterest in learning anything new.

If this sounds familiar and you find yourself wanting to read more stories to keep up with your friends and family but find reading a physical book boring, below are some great reasons to switch to an e-reader.

The Cloud Is the Limit

Yes, you read that correctly.  Instead of the need to visit a physical store to purchase or borrow books, e readers come equipped with digital bookstores right inside them. Instead of a physical store, these books are kept in a digital cloud, meaning that your access to books continues to grow without the restrictions of a brick and mortar library or bookstore.

Read Whenever and Wherever

Hardcore book enthusiasts will argue that you can read a book anywhere you can read an e-reader. And while it may be technically true, have you ever tried to read a book discretely at night with somebody sleeping in the bed next to you? It isn’t an easy task and always results in another person waking up.

An e-reader, however, includes a screen which is backlit and adjustable, meaning that you don’t need any glaring overhead lights and that you can adjust the lighting of your device to suit your surroundings or reading style and needs.

More Than One Use

If you have also been contemplating purchasing a tablet but aren’t willing to spend the money or don’t need all of the features, then an e-reader can help. Depending on the brand and model that you buy, an e-reader can also come with additional software, such as web browser. This makes it easy for you to take a break from your reading to take advantage of the Groupon Coupons page for New York and Company or catch up your latest social media news before returning to your reading.

Take Notes Easily

If you are reading a book because you are part of a book club then you are going to want to take notes. E-readers make this a breeze by including features in the software which allow you to easily take and recall digital notes. This means that you no longer have to mark any of the pages or place sticky notes inside the book to remember what you wanted to discuss. Instead, you can simply pull out your e-reader and bring up your list of notes and their corresponding pages and even specific paragraphs.

While there is no denying that reading is a dying activity, it’s important to realize that it isn’t necessarily the act of reading, but more the platform. For this reason, if you are enthusiastic about reading, give an e-reader a try!

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