6 Greatest Flipbook Animation Masterpieces!

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Flipbook animation is simple, yet fun and is always entertaining. Whether the reader is five, twenty five or even fifty, Kvisoft Flipbook Maker Pro can create your digital flipbooks adding all of your favorite animation. However, what are the best animations in flipbook history? Well everyone has their own ideas to what should be classed as the best flipbook animation and what is truly a masterpiece so here are a few you may like. They are more to the classic side of animation. However, they remain masterpieces as being amongst the first animations to be used in flipbooks.

Hula Dance

The hula dance is probably one of the greatest animation masterpieces in flipbook history! It takes a lot of patience, but the end result can look amazing! Flipbook animation software is a great tool to use if you want to transfer your personal flipbooks online. You could in fact make small cartoon animated flipbooks if you wanted to and the hula dance is always a classic option to give people.

Steam Engine

A favorite amongst many, the steam engine flipbook animation proved to be a huge hit. This masterpiece may be a little more completed but still, it’s a great option to consider using. If you wanted to add this to your digital library you could even use flipbook animation software to assist you. It wouldn’t be too difficult.

The Classic Running Scene

Drawing someone running is amazingly simple but looks like a great masterpiece. You can start off with a man or woman and then follow on with a pursuer. Captions can be added to give the story more depth and finished with the pursuer catching their man. Kvisoft flipbook maker Pro is an excellent choice to make your scene look more realistic.

Sprouting Flowers

Flipbook animation software is a perfect tool to use to transfer your animation ideas and put them out into the digital world. It’s incredibly simple to use and super versatile too! However, back to the ideas; the class sprouting flowers scene is amazing. You can take a flower from a small weed, right up to a budding and glowing tall beauty. Again, the process works the same as before, you start off with the flower a small little stem and work up to it becoming a flower in full bloom.


Again, you may not class this as a masterpiece but it’s one of the earliest flipbook animations to be created today! Sun rising over a classical vertical setting is one of the simplest animations to create and it really doesn’t require a lot of skill either. You can start off with a basic square-box setting with a sun rising over the horizon and as each picture changes, it rises more. Anyone can create this and you just need to draw a basic circle or semi-circle! Kvisoft flipbook maker pro can assist you when adding your hand-drawn or computer designed animations into a digital flipbook.

Rainfall Scenes

If you want to learn how to create a rainfall scene for your next animated flipbook, it’s all too easy. You start off with a single drop of rain water from the top of the page and for each upcoming page you draw the drop moving slowly downwards towards the ground. Each drop is altered slightly in terms of height and when it reaches the ground you can create a puddle splash. The process can be started over again. It’s a classic design and in fact all options here are; and while you may find them boring, they are actually simple masterpieces perfect for beginners worldwide. Flipbook animation software can be used if you wanted to use them in digital form.

What Is Your Masterpiece?

Basic flipbook animations were once hailed as great pieces of entertainment for many years, but, unfortunately, over the years they have slowed disappeared. However, if you love the idea of flipbook animation you can still create your own. You can even go digital and create fun flipbooks with flipbook animation software – it can be fun so what are you waiting for?

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Flipbook Animation: Techniques & Mind-Blowing Examples

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Creating flipbook animation has become so simple with flipbook animation software and thousands love the idea behind it. Everyone who creates their own flipbooks, want to find a way to make theirs stands out for all the right reasons and adding animation can be very important indeed. Readers don’t just want to see regular content, they want something that will draw them in and they also want something which is a little different. Flipbook animation can be a lot easier than you think and it can help to attract readers time and time again. When you know a few techniques to try out, you may find your flipbook animation to be very effective indeed.

2D Animation

“Two definition” is a popular form of animation in general today, and it is also popular with flipbook animators. Users don’t necessarily need to have excellent drawing skills as the computer tools can create the ideas for you. However, you do get a lot more detail with 2D and with the best flipbook software you can find the finished product looks amazing. 2D animation is a fantastic technique and also one amazing option for flipbook animation.

3D Animation

More movies are being made in 3D and it isn’t difficult to see why. If you have ever seen a 3D movie in the cinema or at home you’ll see how lifelike and real the experience feels and it’s the same with 3D animation. This basically uses virtual space to create the graphics and rendering is amazingly effective. The realistic feel is great because you actually feel as though you’re watching a real-life character. Flipbook animation software can offer 3D animation and its one technique you may want to add to your latest creation.

How to Create Mind-Blowing Flipbook Animation

For some it takes serious skills to create amazing flipbook animation but for others, it’s just one idea that starts off in the mind and it explodes on screen! Flipbook animation can be as simple as you’d like or as complex and amazing as you can possibly think of. It’s all about your idea and how you picture them. Flipbook animation isn’t difficult especially when you use the best flipbook software. Practice as much as you can and allow your creative side to take over. This is the best technique you’ll ever learn when it comes to creating animation because every artist is different. More details and tips in this link: http://www.creativebloq.com/illustration/flip-book-animations-12121459

Let Your Imagine Go Wild

If you want to have fun with your flipbook animation then you need to think about just letting your creative mind take over. Go wild and have lots of fun coming up with new and fun animations! You can learn the best techniques, but that doesn’t mean to say they’ll help you to create mind-blowing flipbook animation! Play around a bit and you never know you may discover your own unique techniques. Above all else, have fun and see what type of flipbook animation you come up with! Remember, you can use flipbook animation software to help put the finishing touches to your creations.

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The Wonderful, Digital Age of Magazines

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Flip book software has been greatly used in recent times and it has allowed millions the ability to conveniently create digital publications. Things such as e-magazines, e-books and even online brochures are popular especially amongst those constantly stuck to their tablet computers. However, a decade ago, you would never have dreamt of reading a comic book over the web or reading the next issue of your favorite magazine online either. The web changed everything and today we are in a strange but weirdly wonderful digital age.

Millions Turn To the Web in Attempts to Increase Sales

Businesses of all kinds are looking at ways in which they can bring in new customers and make sales. It’s the goal of every business no matter if they are in the fashion industry or the car sales industry. Sales are what keep a business alive; and it seems one popular advertising tool is magazines. Digital magazines are turning heads as people causally go online and come across a magazine they’re interested in. Soon, they go in search for more. This means a business can get the word out about its services each week or month and customers continuously come back for more. Sales potential increase and that is why many businesses use flipbook software.

Digital Magazines Are Easier To Create

Printing a magazine isn’t too troublesome, but shipping it out to thousands of distributors and displaying it correctly takes up valuable time. It is far easier to create a magazine in digital form simply because once the final draft has been made and given the approval, it can go live online. There is such a big time difference between posting a magazine online and sending it to different stores and sometimes it can all make a difference. Flip book software has given thousands the opportunity to keep their audience gripped with fast releases. You still have to write engaging content but once it’s written, converted it into flipbook format is simple. More explained in this post: http://www.breakfreefromwires.com/basics-of-animation/

Will Digital Magazines Replace All Physical Magazines?

It looks very unlikely the biggest selling magazines will disappear from local store shelves; maybe one day in the future, say the next forty or fifty years it might happen but right now no, it’s not going to happen. While we are in a digital age there are still millions of people worldwide who prefer to read physical magazines. It’s a choice thing rather than necessity because while reading a digital version would be more convenient, many still like the idea of holding a physical magazine. Flipbook software and flip magazine will remain popular and the need will increase but there too remains a big demand for physical magazines also, at least for the foreseeable future.

Wonder At Its Best

Reading a magazine on a tablet or e-reader is quite special and for most they love it. For starters, some magazines are able to offer low subscription price, if not a free option, and they don’t use up any more paper than absolutely necessary. That is probably the one disadvantage to physical magazines, they use up so much paper and it’s making an impact on the planet. Flip magazines are great and you can start a whole new following with them too. Flipbook software is a great tool to use in order to create fantastic and simple e-magazines.

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Basics of Animation

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Despite flipbook animation software being widely used, simple animation techniques remain an important part of the process. Decades ago animation was very different and it is truly amazing just how much animation has changed throughout the years. Nothing was computer generated; everything was crafted by hand and it was a long and very tiresome process. Even before the introduction of television, animation was popular amongst children and adults alike and every artist has loved the idea of animation because it’s entertaining. Animation is unique in every sense and its origins are just fantastic. So, do you understand the basics behind the animated process?

Hand-Drawn Animation Remains Popular In Modern Times

First and foremost, it’s important to remember the basic origins of animation – hand drawings. Drawing graphics by hand for hours on end may seem boring, but the old-school method remains just as popular today as it was hundreds of years ago. If you want to learn the basics of animation you have to understand how crucial hand-drawn pictures are and they should never be dismissed. Artists draw rough sketches (by hand) before using computers. Even the first flipbooks were drawn by hand. Hundreds of pages of almost identical graphics were crafted by hand with only minor changes to each page animation. When brought together in a certain order they could be flipped through and the animation would move. In modern times, flip book software changes the need for endless hand-drawn graphics but it stills starts off with a hand drawing.


Every piece of animation, whether it’s being drawn by hand or computer generated via flipbook animation software, starts off with a main character and it is this in which the animation focuses on. However, while the main character is a crucial feature, the background scenery also needs to be created. Now background scenery isn’t given much consideration but it still needs in-depth detail in order to match the quality of the character animation. Yes, certain parts can be reused several times but it shouldn’t detract from the main feature; and this is where rendering comes in. Rendering gives animation life in a sense and it can make animation look authentic.

Using Computer Software to Craft Graphics

For over two decades, computer animated graphics have been widely used to create movies and television shows, and now animation software is fast becoming a basic feature of animation. Modern technology has changed the face and the basic requirements of animation because while a story and character is needed, it’s much easier to complete with the right tools. Computer generated animation can be created within a matter of days, if not hours and can look amazingly authentic. Some can’t tell the difference between hand-drawn graphics and those made by computer software. Creating flipbooks is much simpler and with flipbook animation software, animation can be added to a flipbook within seconds.

Adding Animation to Flipbooks Made Easy

Animated graphics are vastly being used throughout modern technology, even in flipbooks. It has become so much simpler to create beautiful flipbooks and incorporate animation into them. Flip book software is easy to use and can also allow any animated graphic to be added.

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